Vision Mission Values

The EIBC has been purpose built for YOU. Through your collaborative intent and through the collegial atmosphere generated by innovative thinking and open discussion, YOU will be energised by your peers, the EIBC’s partners and their broader community.

EIBC Vision, Mission and Values

A Collaborative Community that Creates, Innovates, Incubates, Accelerates, Learns and Thrives.
Our mission is to provide contemporary co-working spaces, engaging programs, comprehensive support and inspiring opportunities for our community that fosters innovation and commercial successes in a collaborative environment.
The EIBC provides a highly innovative and sustainable base to facilitate, inspire and grow innovative ventures, collaborations and businesses to achieve great success.
The Values of the Monash Enterprise Centre Board all derive from the Central value of Innovation:
Curiosity: encompassing fun, playfulness, positivity, creativity
Diversity: encompassing a rich mix of innovative ideas
Community: encompassing collaboration, partnership
Sustainability: encompassing sustainable business development
Excellence: encompassing integrity, trust, authenticity, success