The EIBC has been purpose built for YOU. Through your collaborative intent and through the collegial atmosphere generated by innovative thinking and open discussion, YOU will be energised by your peers, the EIBC’s partners and their broader community.

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The EIBC is a place for dynamic and passionate people with entrepreneurial flair who want to commercialise their innovative ideas. Do you have something innovative to develop and commercialise? If you are looking for a collaborative space that will see you ready, willing and able to learn and work with like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators, then read on and register your interest by completing the appropriate registration form.


Business Facilities

The EIBC is designed with innovators in mind, especially in the technological domain. The building is fully networked, with high speed fibre, cloud collaboration, video conferencing, advanced security and presentation facilities.

It is an interactive design that encourages social interaction by providing a work/play balance in its spaces.

This space is designed around a flexible platform of active and dynamic zones that accommodate a changing world and workplace. Your ‘office space’ can expand and contract according to your needs.

Environmental Facilities

Most importantly, the EIBC is a melting pot of thought leadership that sees the coming together of start-ups, industry partners, government bodies and tertiary institutions in a vibrant ecosystem. Quite literally, the EIBC is founded on a commitment to the environment. Underneath the facility sits a highly advanced bio filtration system for locally collected stormwater, which feeds the building’s greywater use as well as a large filtration pond and most of the facilities plants and grasses.

The building itself is surrounded by green walls, and features the latest in built-form sustainability in terms of natural light and heat, air flow, and energy conservation. It’s an innovative, growing facility to grow innovative ideas.

Become a Tenant

The EIBC is currently taking expressions of interest from innovative businesses. To arrange a tour of facilities or to express your interest, please contact us or complete the EIBC registration form below.

EIBC Expression of Interest Form EIBC Expression of Interest Form (92 KB)

Become a Community Member

With business places in the EIBC filling up fast, excellent opportunities exist for aligned businesses to become associates of the EIBC. Becoming a Community Member of the EIBC provides opportunities to engage with and provide value to our innovative start-ups, helping to shape and grow their businesses through mentoring support or aligned services.

Contact us today to discuss becoming a Community Member of the EIBC or complete the application form below.

Community Membership Application Form Community Membership Application Form (81 KB)