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Innovation - The Nature of it and What it Means for You?

Front-Desk Admin - Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Innovation - The Nature of it and What it Means for You?

Innovation seems to be the word of the day. Leaders in government, industry, healthcare and entrepreneurship are all using the word to describe the possibilities and opportunities we have before us in our fast paced, globally connected world.

Never before has there been a better time for individuals and communities to thrive. Information on almost every subject is easily obtained and wide connectivity provides prime opportunities to be mentored to success. Great leaders know that their own success depends on the success of the people that support them and willingly lead and share their ideas so that others can thrive too.

Nature has been innovating for millennia. Everything in our physical world exists as a result of necessary changes for survival and evolution. Everything changes in nature, constantly. If it didn’t everything would have stagnated and died long ago.

So what is innovation and what does it mean for you?

Web search innovation and you will find many answers to the question. Most agree that

…innovation is the collation of a new ideas
and the implementation of a plan and processes
to produce a more competitive, profitable or successful result
than what has come before.

Note the term “new idea” used here. Innovation is more than just change. People and organisations can change by modelling themselves on others and still create great results. Innovation is the process of having a new idea and taking it to fruition and result.

If you want to innovate here are three points to help you begin:

1. Get clarity. What is currently not working for you, your business or organisation or your community? What are your opportunities to do something differently? Will modelling or copying someone else’s ideas provide a sufficient result or would you prefer to explore something new?

2. Who do you have in your team or tribe who can help you imagine those ideas and take them from thoughts to plans, to processes and, eventually to implementation? What resources can you commit to? What tools do you need to innovate?

3. How can you quantify the progress (and success) your innovation? What checkpoints will you put into place to track if you are on or off target? Who or what will hold each person, stakeholder, team or process accountable to moving forward? What is Plan B (the plan you have when it doesn’t bring the result you wanted)?

Innovation is more than just having a great idea. It’s a holistic collaboration of an idea, a plan, a process, the tools and the people that bring about a result to ensure the continued evolution of humans and the world we live in.

So how will you innovate?

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